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Maintenance Valet 

STUDIO / Mobile (additional cost)

from £60

up to 2hrs

Prior any type of Valet clients must remove all personal belongings. They can be kept in a separate bag away from the rubbish that we will clear.

Great option for new car owners or previously detailed cars.

Meridian Maintenance Valet Package include:


  1. Wheels cleaned in and out

  2. Wheel arches cleansed

  3. Citrus pre wash

  4. Snow foam

  5. Two bucket wash

  6. Ceramic quick detailer applied (protection up to 5 washes)

  7. Exterior dried using plush towels and warm air blower

  8. Door shuts, booth frame and under bonnet cleaned and protected

  9. Exhaust tips polished

  10. Tires dressed

  11. Windows cleaned in and out


  1. Hoover

  2. Wet vacuum (mats only)

  3. Soft brush dusting

  4. Leather wipe

  5. Quick Detailer application

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