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Our Services

New Car Detail

for new cars less than 3 months old / appearance perfection

Paint Enhancement

for cars with light imperfections / minor correction

Paint Correction

for cars with major imperfections / intense correction

Car Inspection and Consultation

we offer free car inspection and give professional advise for all our paint correction jobs

Paint Correction Specialists

Car paint correction is a process of restoring the exterior paint of a vehicle to its original condition, or as close to it as possible. Over time, a car's paint can become dull, faded, or scratched, often due to exposure to sunlight, debris, or improper washing techniques.

With 2-3 Machine Polish stages
Meridian Paint Correction package is designed to remove up to 90%  of imperfections.
We offer a free car inspection prior your booking.


What our clients think

'Top car valeting company in the whole of London. Great attention to detail, great for prolonging this "new car feeling".

Greatly recommend'

"I have tried many detailers over the years but not one has matched my OCD levels. Karens on the other hand goes the extra mile to make sure my car is immaculately finished every time. He does mine and my missus car every week and never fails to impress!"

"Highly recommend Meridian Auto Care, they always provide a 10/10 service & the attention to details always leaves me amazed by the results"

David M


Ali A

Car Enthusiast

Samiye H

Business Owner