Meridian Auto Care

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"...I highly recommend Meridian to anyone who cares about the quality and wants their car treated with care"

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We will provide to your vehicle the safest possible

wash and valet

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Auto Care

Mobile valeting and detailing at your doorstep

while you are having your favourite cuppa

  • Exterior Safe Wash

    1 hr

  • Safe wash using two bucket method and interior valet

    2 hr

  • Safe wash and detailed interior clean

    5 hr

    From £150
  • Full exterior decontamination wash and light valet

    2 hr 30 min

    From £70
  • Brand new car protection

    12 hr

    From £400
  • (add ceramic protection from £100)

    12 hr

    From £320
  • Paint Correction and full Ceramic Protection

    12 hr

    From £530
  • Clear Vision Smart Glass by GTechniq protection lasts up to 2 years

    1 hr 30 min

  • Alloy wheel Armour C5 by GTechniq

    2 hr

    From £80
  • The most cost-effective and quickest solution to vehicle dent repairs

    1 hr

    From £30
  • Brand new look and repellent protection up to 12 months guaranteed.

    2 hr 30 min

    From £80
  • Contact us directly

    2 hr 30 min


Meridian Auto Care

"...I highly recommend Meridian to anyone who cares about the quality and wants their car treated with care"


Air Freshener

Our brand new custom made air fresheners made from plywood and are designed to remove odours and freshen your cabin. 


Air freshener is tiny and minimalistic so will suit any vehicle design.


Set includes one Vent Air Freshener and a 3ml bottle of Essential Oil - Vanilla milk flavour. This bottle designed to last for over a month.

Simply apply a couple of dots (or as many as desired ) of oil and clip it onto an air vent and it will activate by the flow of air from the car's fan.

Once applied fragrance will last up to 2 to 3 days depending on intensity of airflow. 



Meridian Auto Care

Meridian Auto Care Ltd is fully mobile valeting and detailing company serving across London. Our detailers have many years of experience working in the industry and delivering outstanding results.


We offer excellent services at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our work.

The objective of the company is to have 100% customer satisfaction in relation to value, trust and completion time. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality valeting and detailing standards.

For our bigger and weather concerning jobs we have a garage unit at SE78NE and DA67BT 

For all our jobs we use Spotless Water

By choosing Meridian Auto Care services you can rest assured we have all quality aspects covered. We use only best Products and cleanest Water to service your vehicle.


Benefits by using Spotless water:

  • No residues or water marks

  • Vehicle stays clean for longer

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Perfect Ultra Pure water cleans better

  • With pure water quality of work increases drastically


David M

Top car valeting company in the whole of London. Great attention to detail, great for prolonging this "new car feeling". Greatly recommend


Ali A

I have tried many detailers over the years but not one has matched my OCD levels. Karen on the other hand goes the extra mile to make sure my car is immaculately finished every time. He does mine and my missus car every week and never fails to impress!


Highly recommend Meridian auto care, they always provide a 10/10 service & the attention to details always leaves me amazed by the results.


Patrick B

Recently got a dent on my bonnet repaired. Unfortunately it was a car i recently bought which is a vauxhall mokka, but Meridian came through as normal and provided a great service and the cars looking good again, its also reasonably priced couldn’t ask for any better.


Turister • Life

Great service, good prices, best car valeting around London! Every time Meridian transforms our cars to brand new car condition!